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Welcome to Oscar Electronics CC, a leading industrial electronics company with a remarkable history that began in 1986. Today, we take great pride in being a female-owned micro enterprise, carrying forward the visionary legacy of our founder, Phillip Tout, and ensuring the continuity of our commitment to excellence.

Since our establishment, Oscar Electronics CC has been a trailblazer in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the industrial sector. Our founder, Phillip Tout, laid the foundation for our success, and we are honored to continue his legacy, upholding the values of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction that he instilled in our company.

At Oscar Electronics CC, we embrace diversity and believe that different viewpoints foster innovation and progress. Led by our female owner, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who combine their diverse backgrounds and experiences to deliver ground breaking solutions that drive success for our clients. We celebrate the strength that comes from inclusion and are proud to be a female-owned business at the forefront of the industrial electronics industry, carrying forward the values and vision established by Phillip Tout.

Customer satisfaction remains at the core of our values. We are committed to providing exceptional service and tailored solutions that address your specific requirements. By understanding your challenges and goals, we ensure that our products and services exceed your expectations. With a focus on trust, integrity, and open communication, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, supporting them throughout their journey with us.

As a socially responsible micro enterprise, we prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We embrace sustainable practices, promoting energy efficiency and responsible manufacturing processes. By prioritizing sustainability, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and contribute positively to the well-being of our planet, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

We invite you to explore our website and discover the comprehensive range of industrial electronics solutions we offer. With our dedication to excellence, diversity, and customer satisfaction, Oscar Electronics CC is your trusted partner in driving innovation and success in the industrial sector.

Thank you for considering Oscar Electronics CC. We are excited about the opportunity to serve you and continue the legacy of Phillip Tout. Together, let’s forge a path of excellence and empowerment, guided by the expertise and visionary leadership that has shaped Oscar Electronics CC into a trusted name in the industry.