COVID-19 in SA

Current Status of Cases of COVID-19 in South Africa
as at Thursday MARCH 19th, 2020 18h06pm CAT.

Total cases: 150
34 New cases*
1 Full recovery (Confirmed Negative and cleared for returning home) 
0 Deaths

The breakdown per province of total infections is as follows:
Gauteng: 76
Western Cape: 46
KwaZulu-Natal: 22
Mpumalanga: 5
Limpopo: 1

The National Department of Health will now be releasing results as they are submitted by both private and public laboratories. In instances where NDOH confirmatory tests yield different results, the public will be duly informed.


All the citizens from Wuhan were tested and their results came back negative for COVID-19.

They will continue to be kept in quarantine for the prescribed period and will thereafter be reunified with the community.

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